Why we built Feathercap.


Since 2004, the Feathercap team has been involved with building and innovating learning/ authoring systems and building courseware from our experience in such companies as Element K (later Skillsoft), Oracle, Cornerstone On Demand as well as several learning technology startup companies along the way.

For us, it’s been a goal to replicate the informal learning that occurs between colleagues, co-workers, association members, vendors, customers and partners. It’s well known that learning in a one-on-one/ peer to peer manner where the “content” conversation can be free flowing/ adapting to the needs of the learner and teacher produces as much as two standard deviations of improvement in learning outcomes over existing one to many elearning, courseware and classroom learning approaches.

In early 2016, Feathercap Inc was formed with this goal to produce such an effortless peer-to- peer conversation using our mobile and desktop authoring and web software technologies. Our team is co-located in the San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.A and Mumbai, India.

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