Engage your audience with a learning conversation. Instantly unleash their creativity through peer to peer learning.


Create & Capture

Engagement is everything to your audience.

You want to deliver relevant training but your audience can only see so many long courses or live events. They want a more frequent interaction.

Why can't your audience and partners create and share micro-learning content such as video, forums, PDFs, bite-size written notes/ main points and quizzes?

Share the Right Content

Feathercap gives anyone you deem appropriate the ability to instantly shoot/ screen capture, create and share valuable training into training with the group. It's all viewable by everyone from any mobile or desktop device.

Included in Feathercap is the ability to enable paid content. Turn your Feathercap community into a profit center.


Now every new and existing audience member can see short micro-learning videos/ content engaging them about your field of study. You can even get reports on time spent, feedback and completion/ along with certificates.

Unlike most existing training, Learning Management Systems or authoring tools, it's easy for anyone to create new training or re-create out of date/ stale content. Everyone is much better engaged and can view the content whenever they like.


Have Questions? 

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I love it! It is a very well-thought-out product and it can effectively support an organizational learning strategy.
— Mayra Aixa Villar, Instructional Designer