Make ongoing training easier and engaging by letting your team use their own phones/ laptops to create moment-of-need training.


Create & Capture

What's the moment of need? It's when your asked the same question by multiple people and you wish there was a quick way to answer them all by creating a quick, short training using text, images, video or documents. In the manufacturing and service industries, staff training and onboarding is frequently carried out on the shop floor or in the field. Which everyone quickly forgets a week later. 

Share the Right Content

Feathercap gives any experienced team member or leader the ability to instantly shoot and share valuable training into video training with the group. It's all viewable by everyone from any mobile or desktop device.

Get better outcomes

Now every new and existing team member can see short / to the point training on any aspect of doing their job.  You can even get reports on time spent and completion/ along with certificates.

Unlike most existing training, it's so easy to create new training, there's no barrier to re-filming out of date or stale content. Everyone spends a lot less time in training meetings and can view the content whenever they need it on their phones or any device.


Have Questions? 

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I love it! It is a very well-thought-out product and it can effectively support an organizational learning strategy.
— Mayra Aixa Villar, Instructional Designer