Our goal is to empower every employee with the training they need, when they need it on any device.

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To date, thousands of Feathercap users around the world have effortlessly created content, shared job skills with their team and reported on everyone's learning progress.

Feathercap has also been working on applying hundreds of learner and content metrics using Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to instantly understand the meaning of learning content, documents, videos and images. In the coming months, we'll be adding to our existing workplace learning platform and introducing Feathercap Coach for on the fly learning, content curation and adaptive learning delivery personalized to every employee.

Feathercap Leadership

Our leadership and advisors are composed of dedicated, forward-thinking industry leaders focused on building relationships with Feathercap’s clients, partners and employees.

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Interested in joining a dynamic, collaborative work environment? We are constantly adding exciting new opportunities as we continue to grow our global team.

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Our Privacy Policies

The most fundamental privacy principle we follow is that by default, anything you post to Feathercap is private to your community. If you read nothing else, please read this!

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Customer Terms Of Service

These Customer Terms of Service (the“Customer Terms”) describe your rights and responsibilities when using our online workplace productivity tools and platform (the“Services”). Please read them carefully. 

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User Terms Of Service

These User Terms of Service (the“User Terms”) govern your access and use of our online workplace productivity tools and platform (the“Services”). These apply if you've been invited by someone else to use Feathercap. 

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Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy sets out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct for our Services. These terms apply to any user or customer and are meant to ensure everyone has the maximum benefit from Feathercap's services.

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