Sales teams live for peer to peer engagement.
Let them share how to succeed any time.


Create & Capture

Engagement is everything to your sales team. They want to get relevant training/ know-how from those on the team who are succeeding.

But ask any sales leader, and those top performers are usually too busy and too few relative to the remaining sales team to answer everyone's questions when they arise. In spite of existing learning management systems, CRM and sales enablement tools out there, most team members get most of their knowledge through direct one on one conversations. But imagine if any manager, Sr. AE on the sales team could create specific job aids and content as easily as writing an email?  

Share the Right Content

Feathercap gives any experienced team member or leader the ability to instantly create and share valuable training into text, images, documents or video training with the group. It's all view-able by everyone from any mobile or desktop device.

Get better outcomes

Now the entire sales team can see short micro-learning videos/ content engaging them about the latest/ best pitches, the best discovery questions, the best way to handle a ``tough`` customer or what they heard the competition is doing. You can even get reports on time spent, feedback and completion/ along with certificates and badges.

Unlike most existing training, it's easy for anyone to create new training or re-create out of date/ stale content. Everyone is engaged and can view the content whenever they like.


Have Questions? 

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I love it! It is a very well-thought-out product and it can effectively support an organizational learning strategy.
— Mayra Aixa Villar, Instructional Designer