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About Airgas

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is the nation’s leading single-source supplier of gases, welding equipment supplies and safety products. Airgas has more than 18,000 employees working in approximately 1,100 locations – branches, retail stores, gas fill plants, specialty labs, production facilities, and distribution centers across North America.  

The Challenge

The goal from the beginning was to create a learning environment for new sales staff in the North West region of the U.S. that would reduce staff turnover by driving confidence and instilling support by offering a multi-month training program mixing equally ondemand courses and assessments with practical shop floor experience in welding techniques and processes. The thought was if the sales staff has seen and tried for themselves welding techniques they will have more confidence in selling Airgas vendor welding supplies and products to customers..  
"The Feathercap team listened and delivered what I needed when I needed it. I highly recommend Feathercap to my colleagues and other professionals in need of an easy to use and technically effective online learning platform.”
Steve Monroe, Ph.D.
Regional Training Manager

Why Feathercap

Feathercap was brought in on September 2018 to kick this program off. The program called for multiple tranches of students/ new sales team members to be part of a squad of 8-9 sales team members to foster camaraderie and be a built-in support network as everyone goes through the training. Feathercap’s authoring platform was used and in rapid succession specific knowledge in the form of text, vendor product manuals as well as informative video was created and interspersed with assessments to onboard team members as well as upskill them over the months. Also, this content has been sequenced to appear to the learners as they complete prerequisite material to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

Finally, with the recent release of our digital peer platform, all available content as well as a trove of videos, documentation, product catalogs and all available and previously created sales resources was introduced to sales teams. This has given them the ability to “reduce shoulder taps” to managers and peers and skip wondering if they have asked too many questions. More importantly, instead of asking someone and risk getting the wrong answer, they can review any answer needed from the months of material and videos instantly.

The Results

Since implementing Feathercap, Airgas has noticed a marked reduction in sales person turnover among the students as well as a steep rise in sales team member confidence. Additionally:

Re-skilling is now constant

Using Feathercap's answer platform, the sales team can instantly access the latest vendor recommendations, safety procedures and sales best practices.

Instant answers from video

Now the sales team has instant access to specific answers for welding best practices. Previously locked away in hundreds of hours of video content.

Speed to confident expert

Everyone with access to the Feathercap answer platform can be a trusted sales team member sooner.

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