To determine how many minutes / what plan you should go with look at your user base. Is this the first time they’ll have access to an answer platform? Will they be slow to ask Feathercap questions? Or will they jump right in? Will you be assigning content to them which will boost their content playback time?

Answer: Start with allowing between 1- 8 minutes of content playback per user. This will minimize your cost and you’ll see who asked questions and who didn’t. We’ve set up Feathercap that if you do exceed your minute total/ plan’s minutes you’ll pay only for additional minutes you use at that plan’s rate. In all of our plans, this approach will be cheaper than moving to the next plan until you get to ~500% more minutes than your plan’s minute count.

For example:  You start with plan “Full Access” which gives you 100 minutes of included time. Your 100 team members use on average of 3 minutes of content playback. In that scenario the total cost will be:  $9.99 for the month for the “Full Access” plan + (200 min X $0.0990 = $19.80) = $29.79. In this case, it makes sense to stay at this plan, not until your total minutes gets to 700 or greater would it make sense to move to the next plan.

If you’re assigning content to your users then multiply the length of the assigned content by the number of users to arrive at how many minutes you will need.

For example:  20 minutes video/ course you are assigning to every user.  (20 min course) X (100 users) = 2,000 minutes needed.

But don’t worry if you are near using all your allotted minutes for a given plan in a month, as you hit 80% usage and then at 90% usage we will message you to see if you would like to move up to a higher plan. If you don’t change plans and your minute count does exceed your plan you will be billed at the listed per minute of viewing price for your plan.

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