A “View” is counted every time a user asks a question, views an answer, views a page of content or views up to 5 minutes of video. For example, if a user views one page of content or viewed 5 minutes of video, that would be considered one View.

The number of Views you need depends on not just the size of your audience but how often on average you expect them to interact by asking questions or viewing content. For example, two extremes of usage for the 400 Views monthly plan would be either having 10 people view 200 minutes of video OR 40 pages of content. Alternatively, you could have 400 people view 1 page of content per month or 5 minutes of video. It’s really a matter of the amount of usage not number of users.

Don’t worry if you near using all your Views for a given plan in a month, as you hit 80% usage and then at 90% usage we will message you to see if you would like to move up to a higher plan. If you don’t change plans and do exceed your plan you will be billed at a per View rate of 3¢ ($0.03 USD).

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