Introducing Feathercap Coach on web: Engage with answers & content

By the Feathercap team
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Feathercap Coach powered by ChatGPT is your one-on-one digital expert that automatically generates and tailors employee, partner, vendor or customer conversations and responses based only on your company’s existing content.

Right from the search bar, Feathercap Coach on web lets you ask questions and receive not just the generated answer, but the associated content from where the answer came from. Ask a question and ask follow-up questions as a conversation. Context of your previous question is remembered so you can say things like, “Can you give me an example?” or “Can you show me how that’s done?”

Select any of the content results. You’ll be taken to the exact page in a document or exact time stamp in any videos to match the conversation. It’s a great way to make all you content more engaging and help everyone understand your company’s content even better.

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Feathercap Coach – https://www.feathercap.ai/coach/

About Feathercap:

Feathercap is your team’s digital expert. We leverage ChatGPT, cognitive search and our own context tracking to automatically generate and tailor the right conversations to every employee, vendor, partner or customer. Current learning, customer support, success and search approaches are costly and not effective because they rely on manually created content, hardcoded workflows and static search results that are not conversational. Our customers tell us we save them time, money and energy managing their flow of knowledge.

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