The Old Spaghetti Factory

Case Study

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<span>The Old Spaghetti Factory </span> Case Study

About the Old Spaghetti Factory

Founded in 1969, the Old Spaghetti Factory is an Italian themed restaurant with fourteen locations across Canada. It was awarded one of the best places to work for in the province of British Columbia by it’s staff.   

The Challenge

Feathercap was originally chosen to enable building and delivery of ondemand content for all managers and senior staff for all fourteen locations specifically to train reporting on customer comments. All Manager SOPs and store operations content was later included.
"We find the Feathercap platform outstanding. Above all else, the level of service has been second to none.”
Hunter Wylie
VP of Operations

Why Feathercap

After renewing in 2019, Old Spaghetti Factory deployed Feathercap Answer and Performance Plus capabilities to all locations and all managers. This ensured all available content as well as videos, documentation and SOPs are readily findable and searchable from any device. They are excited to spearhead Feathercap’s latest product Feathercap For Messenger. The advantages they’ve noticed to date:

Enhance staff and customer safety

The correct job procedure is a click away. No more hoping the right person with the right answer is around.

Reduce staff turnover

Staff get the answers they need as soon as needed. Everyone can reach their potential sooner and will be more likely to receive recognition or promotion.

Speed to confident expert

Newcomers feel team camaraderie and acceptance sooner.

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