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Case Study

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<span>Performance, Speed, Endurance, Inc.</span> Case Study

About PSE

Power Speed Endurance is a programming, coaching & educational platform for developing sports performance, fitness and health.
PSE’s aim is to provide an answer to the common experience of injury and performance plateau. PSE offers a return to fundamentals by prioritizing skill development over intensity and volume for their in-person clients through seminars and one-on-one coaching as well as through online courses.

The Challenge

Feathercap was originally chosen to enable building and delivery of ondemand content for a new online course called “the art of breath” This was a fundamental course for PSE that would be featured on their homepage and be expected to be successful for both customers and for them as a company.

The additional challenge was the a short launch window while integrating with PSE’s existing ecommerce provider and shopping cart experience on their website.
“Feathercap has been a pleasure to work with, from the customer service to the ease of setting our content up. We look forward to continue working with Feathercap in the future!”

Why Feathercap

After seeing rapid growth and financial success of their first course running on Feathercap. PSE renewed with us in February 2020, PSE’s goal is to deploy more courses in Feathercap to achieve the same success for both customers and PSE.

Feathercap was chosen because we could effectively present hours of content into a compelling learning experience for their customers on any device. As more more courses and materials are added, the goal is to create a worldwide PSE community to foster the return to fitness fundamentals around the world.

Fostered engagement

It was crucial from the start for a compelling experience. We were successful in driving rapid growth for PSE.

Feathercap tamed PSE's content

Charles was effectively able to build the course encompassing hours of video to create a beautiful course which yielded a high referral rate and ultimately success.

A quick launch

Timing was everything, Charles and his team needed to be able to launch quickly. We tied into their existing ecommerce/ shopping cart experience and launched on time.

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