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Feathercap instantly transforms and automatically organizes your team's content into trackable knowledge.

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Unleash the knowledge bottleneck!

There is no shortage of organizational content, but employees and teams suffer from a knowledge bottleneck by not having enough or the right information and current knowledge to perform their roles. Why? It takes too much time and there are too few experts to create, tag and curate existing organizational content into current job skills knowledge. Feathercap solves this because we:


Unleash your content

Simply select one or more MS PowerPoint file, MS Word, PDF, Video or xAPI course (Articulate and Adobe) and Feathercap automatically turns them into beautiful and trackable Feathercap courses. Imagine re-using all that content that's already been created and instantly having it within Feathercap to share on any device. 

...Or pull from Dropbox

Select a Dropbox, Box* or OneDrive* folder and Feathercap will scan and automatically transform most any image, video, document or existing courses into trackable Feathercap courses.

  • * Coming Soon


One-button sync

At the push of a button, Feathercap synchronizes ALL of your content in the selected Dropbox folder to your Feathercap community. If any file has changed in Dropbox, Feathercap will update and apply those changes to the previously uploaded version in Feathercap.


Build in Feathercap

Do you want to create learning content for any size audience? Build a quick micro-learning course, or one that’s full length with multiple activities and pages? Feathercap lets you create learning content using your videos, audio, images, web pages, Powerpoint, PDF, Word documents along with building quizzes.

Most importantly, Feathercap is as easy as the applications you're already used to. If you can use Facebook or write an email you can build a course in Feathercap.




Course & Content Auto Sequencing

Simply select the content, order it based on completion/ pass goals. Select "Save". You now have a sequenced curriculum which can be as long or short as you like. Create a sequence for on-boarding, specific job skills or for compliance.

Curate & Organize

Feathercap lets you organize your learning content into specific curricula using tags and categories. Use communities to offer different content to specific teams or groups. Let your leaders, team leads, senior employees and team members curate their newly created and updated learning content.

Effortless Reporting and Analytics

Feathercap lets you report and measure the effect of not only your created Feathercap courses but with any outside content you decide. Such as external LMS tracking data or imported courses.

Conveniently Learn

Users can view their content on Feathercap from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone or device.

Or, embed the unique Feathercap course URL, category and community URL in any other location, web page, application and share tracking data with your existing LMS or Learning Record Store. (LRS)


Security & E-commerce

You decide who, when and how long a user can access your community or your content. Feathercap employs the same type of encryption, time limited and signed URLs along with SSL as many financial institutions. Our data centers provided by Amazon Web Services are all SAS 70 Type II conformant in repeated audits.

Also built-in to Feathercap is the included full integration to Stripe, supporting over 110 different currencies around the world. We also support most any additional 3rd party e-commerce provider.

Single Sign-On & Feathercap's API

Feathercap integrates with SAML 2.0 providers including ADFS 2.0 and 3.0 along with login using social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin.

Built around REST, Feathercap's API enables access to Dropbox, MS SharePoint, Box as well as the most popular HRISs, LMSs and coming soon, collaboration tools such as Slack, Confluence and Salesforce Chatter. 

Help When You Need It

Feel free to browse our included help center community for full details on using and setting-up Feathercap. Or reach out to us on our contact page and schedule a few minutes with our support team 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. All of our support team members are either experienced Feathercap users or developers.

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